one device - many applications

for women, men and divers.

The application concept provides for easy replacement of

the vials for end users, each time with a different content.

NICE UP® sprays finest cosmetic and nourishing liquid products on your skin.

The skin appearance is refreshed, embellished and looks natural.

Video about NICE UP®

with light tanning, covering as well as brightening cosmetics:

Covering cosmetics, deodorant, skin oil, perfume, sunscreen, insect repellent, disinfectant spray, and others, can be easily applied to the skin without dripping.

Everything is sprayed on very fine, contactless and selectively.

The application concept provides
easy exchange of vials with different content.

In particular, it offers the opportunity to apply nourishing and care fluids containing e.g. hyaluron, bakuchiol, retinol, vitamins, etc., as well as pharmaceutical formulations in fine doses with now dispensable carriers. Resources are saved.

Manufacturers of sprayable substances can fill vials with their own products using the patented nozzle head and offer them to the market with our existing accumulator sprayers.

Nozzle head and lid are available in many colours.

Vials and nozzle heads can be reused several times.